Four months ago, I moved to my new job and today I am proud to have one project behind my back with amazing team and even more amazing time, spent in challenging tasks and useful feedback from my colleagues. In the next months, the website may be online and then I will finish this post with links to the friuts of our work.




I attended Telerik’s Front End Developers Track first two modules this year and, though I stopped following, because of my limited free time recently, I have kept the solutions of the tasks I have made as homework here:

They are actually very interesting, even if you are not such a beginner.

Check it out & enjoy!


It was a calm day, full of sun, leisure and happiness…

Just see these small beautiful stones, shining though the water:

Struma river, Bulgaria


Once in the late 2015 I had the honor to be a model of the unique person and photographer Slavina Bahchevanova, who captured every magical color of the early autumn and the beautiful nature around us.

One of these photos was as well added in her flickr page (and it made me very happy):



Here are some other photos from this pleasant and relaxing afternoon: